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Shiga Eye YouTube Channel 

Shiga Eye YouTube channel is a sister channel of Kyoto Eye.  Shiga is located next to Kyoto and there is the biggest lake called Lake Biwa in the middle and Shiga is also surrounded by mountains.  Shiga (called Omi in old days)  has a long history as the place on the way to go to the old capital Kyoto (794-1867) and had been well developed as the scenic sites where feudal loads built many castles.  You can enjoy beautiful natural sceneries, abundant food such as Omi Beef, Omi rice and  some alcohol beverage like Sake & whisky as well as special traditional craftworks.  This channel shows you touristic sites and  special places to visit in Shiga.  We also offer special tours in Shiga.  Some examples are as below.  

​Shiga original tours


​Nagahama tours


Looking around beautiful KOHOKU area (north side of Lake BIWA) then exploring Nagahama especially for learning Fermentation products such as Sake, whiskey, cheese, Miso etc.  You can taste thick Sake called Doburoku which is very unique in this region.

As a special option you can learn how to do paring with Sake or Whiskey and local food like beef and lake fish.  



Higashi omi tours

Noh theater had been specially developed in this region and we learn about Noh plays visiting Noh actor studio then after finding the interesting stories based on Noh dramas, we visit Samurai places or sacred Lake island where gods are enshrined.  These places served as settings of Noh stories.  You can also have chance to see beautiful scenic lake spots on the way.  


Another tours

We will visit some remarkable craftsmen such as Noh mask artist, Sword smithy, Wood worker using a special wheel machine throughout Shiga.  We also have chance to have a local food and visit Sake brewery on the way.  In this tour you need a hired car for visiting these places.  You can enjoy the drive way in a country-side in different seasonal moment.









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