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Kyoto Garden Tour with Ikebana or Mini garden making lesson

After visiting several Japanese gardens in Kyoto, we enjoy learning a special Ikebana landscape style or making a mini dry garden.  


This is the special tour of visiting gardens and experiencing the miniature world of greens, Ikebana landscape style or mini garden making such as dry garden or moss garden.  Ayumi IKUSHIMA who is a garden designer and Ikebana teacher as well as a guide interpreter will explain Japanese garden basics and teach how to arrange Ikebana landscape style or make mini garden using the concepts of Zen principles and Japanese gardens.  





How you can realize the minitualized green world

Special lessons of Zen green world will be given by Ayumi IKUSHIMA

Here are the sample of Ikebana and mini garden works.



Ikebana landscape style


This is the way to show the aesthetic creations for expressing the depth of natural beauties by depicting various landscape sceneries.  Especially 7 sceneries (Mountain, Forest, Field, Pond, Swamp, River, Beach) are miniaturized into the basin as the depiction of 3-dimensional landscape pictures.  




Dry gardens have been developed in Zen Buddhism in Japan.  And its definition was already existed in the textbook called SAKUTEIKI in Heian period (794-1192).  

You will learn how to rake white sand with special tools which you make by yourself and learn also how to position stones by certain rules.  You can bring it home for enjoying mindfulness meditation by facing this miniaturized dry garden.



Japanese garden 

The elements of Japanese gardens are stones (including stone-lantern), greens (including moss) and white gravels (for representing water area).  For piling the mountain area you need also wet sphagnum underneath.  By making a Japanese garden, you understand the principle ways of making it following several rules.

Moss ball

The elements of moss ball are mixture of soils, moss, plants and thread & wire for shaping a round ball-shape.  Water spray is required for watering.  

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