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Culinary tour 

Kyoto had been the capital for more than 1000 years (794-1867).  Therefore Kyoto is still the center of cultural and traditional arts and Japanese cuisine is one of them.  You can enjoy visiting many food shops for tastings or visiting farms or experiencing Sushi cooking.


Culinary tour in Kyoto city-center 

We can visit Soy-sauce, Vinegar, Miso, Tea, Dashi, Japanese sweets and Tofu shops as well as Sake brewery.

To get to know Japanese ingredients allows you to understand Japanese cuisine deeply.  


Kyoto Signature Cocktail tour

After visiting Soy-sauce, Vinegar, Miso shops we can try Kyoto special signature cocktails based on Kyoto ingredients.  You will discover how these ingredients go well with sprits.



Vegan Sushi Cooking lesson

Using local vegetables you can make special Vegan sushi.  Gluten-free Vegan sushi is also available. 










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Travel Designer /Tour Guide(Garden・Culinary Specialist) 


​Kyoto-Osaka Office

1-18-16 Makino-homachi, Hirakata-shi, Osaka 573-1144 JAPAN

Tel /Fax:81-72-857-6030


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